Book Review: The Sky is Falling by Mark Teague

For Ages 3-5

A hilarious retelling of the story Chicken Little told in dance! After she is hit on the head by an acorn, Chicken Little twirls around the farm yard screeching, “The Sky is Falling!” The other animals know the sky is fine but Chicken Little and the other chickens have so much fun the animals can’t help but join in the fun. Fox appears with a devious plan to lure the dancing chickens to his den to eat but Chicken Little’s crazy dance saves the day.

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Book Review: The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins


For Ages: 2-5

A mother makes cookies for her children and the doorbell rings. The children invite the guests to share the treats. The doorbell keeps ringing and the children and guests continue to divide up the cookies until there aren’t any more to share. The doorbell rings one last time and they discover Grandma at the door to solve their cookie dilemma. Pat Hutchins uses colorful pictures and simple text to show how easy it is to share with friends. Continue reading “Book Review: The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins”

What it’s all about

I am a librarian. I love to organize information and classify by subject heading. Books are the main diet of my day. I faithfully update my Goodreads account and visit my local library at least once a week.

I discovered my passion for building future readers when I was a librarian at an inner city library. I was trained to help model reading to parents and caregivers to ensure that every child is indeed ready to read when they get to school. Continue reading “What it’s all about”