Book Review: The Sky is Falling by Mark Teague

For Ages 3-5

A hilarious retelling of the story Chicken Little told in dance! After she is hit on the head by an acorn, Chicken Little twirls around the farm yard screeching, “The Sky is Falling!” The other animals know the sky is fine but Chicken Little and the other chickens have so much fun the animals can’t help but join in the fun. Fox appears with a devious plan to lure the dancing chickens to his den to eat but Chicken Little’s crazy dance saves the day.

Teague’s book is a hilarious retelling of a classic story that most children know. The story is rich for opportunities to build reading comprehension. The child will enjoy participating in the reading by repeating the line, “The sky is falling.” The vocabulary is unique in this book which will introduce a lot of words your child may not know. Spend time with each reading introducing a few more of the definitions and find ways to use the words throughout the day. The funny pictures and engaging text will have your child asking for a reread right away.

What your child will learn:



Questions to ask while reading the story:

What hit Chicken Little on the head?

Do the other animals believe that the sky is falling?

How does Chicken Little trick the Fox into leaving them alone?


Take it further:

There are a lot of versions of this classic tale. Go to the library or bookstore and find a few that interest your child. Read and compare with Teague’s version. What do they like about each of the books. Discuss how each version is a little bit different and discuss what elements are the same.

Have a dance party! Pull up you tube videos and learn a new dance.

Since this is a well known story help your child retell through drawing pictures, chalk art or another creative way! How would they change the story? How would they trick the fox? There are lots of ways this story can be told. Write down your child’s version and use their illustrations and read together!


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