Book Review: I Will Chomp You! By Jory John




Ages 2-5

The monster in this book has a secret he doesn’t want the reader to know. He scares, threatens, and pleads with the reader to go away and find some other book to read. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody but he hates to share even more. Are you daring enough to challenge the monster to see what he hides at the end of the book? Will you be able to read it again?

This is a fun book that will have kids laughing and squealing along. It shows that books can be silly and interactive which strengthens the skill PRINT MOTIVATION. The interactive nature of the book also helps develop reading comprehension and NARRATIVE SKILLS as the child repeats phrases and answers questions the monster poses. VOCABULARY will be built through the unique words the monster uses and the different types of cake he names. The pictures are simple and colorful and words are the main focus on most pages encouraging LETTER KNOWLEDGE. PRINT AWARENESS will develop by guiding the child through the directions of the monster.

What your child will learn:


Questions to ask while reading the story:

Why do you think the monster is afraid to turn the page?

What is your favorite kind of cake?

Why doesn’t the monster like to share?

What would you do if you were the monster?

Take it further:

This is a great story to talk about sharing. Reenact the story with your child’s favorite snack or toys. Use a sock as the monster and take turns being the monster.

Bake one of the cakes the monster has at the end of the book. Have the child help measure out ingredients and mix the batter. Point out what each of the baking utensils are and what they are used for. It is a great way to spend time together and help your child learn new words!



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