Book Review: Worms by Bernard Friot and Aurelie Guillerey

Ages 4-5

Worms is about a mischievous boy who was bored at a dinner party his father held for his employees at the factory. His father asked him to get the salads for dinner when the boy had a hilariously disgusting idea. He added a taste to the salad the dinner guests never expected and he cured his boredom by watching how each person reacted to the squiggly item in the salad until his father made him eat from his own salad bowl.

This book is an English translation of a French book. It is a book that will have children squealing in delight and disgust in equal parts. This book will hook readers with its fun text and pictures highlighting PRINT MOTIVATION. The VOCABULARY is sophisticated and kids will learn a lot of unique words.

Skill Building:


Questions to ask while reading:

The pictures are very detailed in this book and there are a lot of dining room and kitchen words that you teach your child.

  1. Look in the refrigerator and ask your child, “What would you put in the salads?”
  2. Why do you think the boy was bored?
  3. How would you keep yourself busy at a party like this?
  4. What would happen if you had to eat a worm!
  5. What did Ms. DeLuca do with her worm?
  6. Which dinner guest would you be like?
  7. What do you think happened to the boy after the dinner party?

Take it further:

The grocery store is a great place to help kids build their vocabulary. Take your child to the store and plan a fancy dinner just like the book Worms. Pick out different vegetables for the salad and make sure to point out the signs labeling the item. Don’t forget the gummy worms to hide inside! Have a scavenger hunt in the store as you shop and have your child look for items you name.

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