Toys and Activities that Encourage Literacy

It didn’t take long for my husband and I to fall in love with the Montessori Preschool our oldest daughter attended. Every material had a purpose, children were given meaningful work and every activity supported independent exploration and grew confidence.

What I saw as each of my children progressed through the Children’s House  program is every activity served the child on multiple levels preparing them for reading well before they looked at a written word. Table washing, metal insets, cleaning mirrors it didn’t matter the activity it trained the child to look from left to right, to develop hand strength for writing, to explore the sounds of words. When ready, a child would trace the rough exterior of the letters and practice the sounds. It was amazing to see our children grow as readers every year.

Play is one of the most important activities your child can do to prepare for future school success. We can’t all send our kids to Montessori schools but there are great materials you can use at home to help build future readers!

IMG_3099I Spy. Collect objects from around the house. Toys or common household objects. Put them on a tray and start the game. Cater it to the age of the child. For very young children say something like, “I spy with my little eye something blue.” When the child selects the object name what it is. As they get older you can use sounds. “I spy with my little eye something that starts with an S sound.” It is important to highlight the sound and not the letter name. You want the child to hear the sounds of the words that will help him when he begins to read independently. For the oldest age you can use rhyming sounds or blended sounds. Another variation is to put the objects in a bag and have the child feel the object and name it before she pulls it out of the bag.

Texture Letters

Sandpaper Letters. Touch is an important element of learning. Especially for children because they are such concrete learners. Show your child how to trace the letters with their fingers. Sound each letter and try not to use the letter name. As they grow older put blended sounds together or begin to make words.


Alphabet Object Set

Similar to the I Spy game this toy has objects with cards. The child will label the item with the correct card. Aimed for older preschoolers this is still a useful game for young children. Label the object and read the name to the child and it will help associate the word with the thing. You can also do this around your house. Make your own labels and tape them to objects within your child’s line of sight. Dressers, beds, sink, cupboards. Get creative and help your child see words everywhere!


There are a lot of ways you can start building literacy skills before your child even enters preschool. Being intentional in play will help your child have fun while learning.


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