Book Review: Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe

Bug on a bike. By Chris Monroe.

Ages: 3-5

(I am an amazon affiliate but I am not paid to review any book on this blog. If you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon where if you make a purchase I receive a percentage which allows me to build a literacy non-profit.)

Bug is on a trip and invites his friends to come along- the only problem- no one except bug knows where they are going!

I love the simple rhyming text and pictures of this book. It is easy to follow the text and the added dialog bubbles. Everything rhymes! (PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS, PRINT MOTIVATION) As each animal joins bug your child will build sequencing skills that are a great help in telling their own stories and understanding what they read on the page. (NARRATIVE SKILLS) There are a lot of unique words for your children to learn. (VOCABULARY) Monroe does a great job in providing a fun story that will help children build a lot of literacy skills that will assist them as they become readers.

Skills Learned:



  • Look at the first page and ask your child what they think the story is about. Look at the last page and ask your child how they think it ends.
  • Count the animals on the pages as bug invites more friends. Keep a tally on a piece of paper. This helps build math literacy.
  • Question to ask during the story: Why do you think buy is keeping where he is going a secret? What kinds of place do you think it is? Do we know from the last page of the book where he ends up?
  • Why do you think his friends follow if they don’t know where he is heading?
  • How do you think his friends feel when they arrive at a birthday party? Relieved? Happy?


Go on a word scavenger hunt! Put on your walking shoes, get out the bikes or hop in a car. Write down a list of letters (or words depending on age of child) and hunt for the letters. Make up a sheet so they can see their progress.

Draw pictures of the animals and cut them out. Put them in order of who follows bug! You can number them on the back and have them put them in order by number or by memory of the story.


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