My Favorite Authors: Mo Willems

It isn’t often that the kids and I agree on the same books. What they like about one book annoys me and what I like in a book they just don’t get. But there are a few authors we all agree on. And I thought I would highlight those authors starting with a family favorite-

Mo Willems.

I have been reading Mo Willems since my oldest was in diapers. We started with Knuffle Bunny. A fun story about a girl, her favorite snuggly and its disappearance. Mo Willems has simple graphics along with engaging text. Knuffle Bunny is a story all kids and parents can relate to; how do we feel when we lose something we love.

The Pigeon stories were never on the shelves of the library when my middle was little because they were always at our house. He loved the admonitions about not letting the pigeon drive a bus or not letting the pigeon stay up late. I think he related to all the things he wasn’t allowed to do! And even though we read the story a million and one times we never grew bored searching the end pages for the the picture on the pigeon.

My youngest lives off of Elephant and Piggie’s adventures. Now she reads them to me as we devour the shelf of books at the library chronicling this special friendship. You know books are special when a book stops each of my kids in their tracks for an impromptu story time.

Mo Willems has a great website you can explore on your own or with your kids. You can find it here.

I believe Mo Willems will go down as the Dr. Seuss of our time. He has many Caldecott honor awards as well as Geisal awards His books are simple, silly and fun. He knows his audience well and keeps producing books that tie children to a love of reading all while providing words that help them grow as readers. His books are perfect for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, emergent readers and independent readers. I love that my children and I all enjoy picking up a Mo Willems book even if it is one we have read and enjoyed over and over and over again.

So if you are a Mo Willem’s fan tell us what you love to read in the comments and if you haven’t discovered his books you can find them everywhere! At bookstores, online and libraries.



(I am not paid to review books. The opinions I share are mine and mine alone. I am an Amazon Affiliate so if you click on the pictures below and make a purchase from Amazon I do receive a portion of the sale.)


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