To build a future reader, be a reader


Do you ever notice how often your child parrots what you do? Sometimes you will see your son putting on your shoes and parading around the room. Or you will see your daughter typing away on a toy pretending it is a computer or you will see your son pick up a washcloth and a dish and pretend to wash dishes.

Our kids are sponges and love to mimic. We notice when they repeat a word we don’t want them to know or do something we wish they hadn’t seen us do. But the positive side of their spongy and mimicking natures is the will also do the positive things we do.

So pick up a book and start reading because they are watching

So this is where I encourage you to pick up a book and read. When your child is awake and engaged in a toy or other activity. Don’t wait until they are napping or sleeping or at an activity.

The biggest mistake we can make as parents is to never read in front of our kids.

I know kids keep us busy. We play with them and drive them to activities and playdates and school. We are busy doing housework and other necessary family tasks. Life is busy, but never let it get so busy that you do not pick up a book for yourself during the day. It not only gives you a quick break, but your child is watching everything you do. And if they see you picking up a book, it will become a natural rhythm in his day.

Creating Time to Read

Read while your child plays. It is okay to say Daddy or Mommy is going to read now. Sit in the room with your child and start reading. It may take a while for him or her to get used to the routine, so start out with five minutes and build up to longer periods of time. This teaches independent play and gives you a break!

Read while you wait. Bring books for you and your child while you wait for appointments. It shows your child how to wait patiently and will give you both something to do for those long doctor office waits!

Make your bedtime routine reading. In the evenings create a reading space for your family. Instead of watching the T.V. before bed, have everyone grab a book and read together. Snuggle up in front of a fire or on your favorite couch. This again, may take some time to build into the routine but keep a consistent habit and it will be a favorite time of day for everyone.

What do I read when my last book was What to Expect When You’re Expecting?

It may have been a long time since you picked up a book for fun. There are a lot of great places to find new or classic books.

My favorite right now is Litsy. It is an app that is sort of like Instagram for books. People post pictures and reviews and quotes of what is in their reading pile. There is even points for interactions and reviews and likes of your posts.

Goodreads is a book review site. You can track what you read, write reviews and create lists of books you want to read. It is also now an Amazon company which sends out book deals. You can set a yearly reading challenge, follow other people and find reviews of books.

Facebook also is a great place to connect with authors and reading groups. A favorite of mine is Reader’s Coffeehouse. It is a place to talk about books and also connect with authors. No better place to discover what to read than from a place where authors and readers meet!

This year, make it a goal to read more. It not only is good for you, it will help build your child into a future reader!


What are you reading? Share in comments at the end of post to share ideas.

Happy Reading!



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