The Brave by James Bird

The Brave by James Bird

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Get ready to ugly cry.

“Great, I lost a fight, and now I’m going to have to inform my dad that I’m the kid who gets picked on every day. How much of a disappointment can one son be.”

That one line sums how Collin understands his relationship with his father. He’s the weird kid, the disappointment, the boy no one wants to fix. After another school kicks Collin out for fighting, his father sends him to live on the Ojibwa Reservation with the mother he has never met.

He doesn’t believe this time will be any different. His mother will grow tired of his constant counting of words, he will get picked on at school, and he won’t be able to hold back the fear that drives him to anger. This time is different. With a family and town who supports him, he learns what bravery means. Through the friendship of a girl who fights a battle worse than his, he learns how to accept himself and accept the love his mother offers him.

Perfect for fans of Rein Rain, Fish in a Tree, Out of My Mind, and Counting By 7’s. This book’s universal theme of accepting oneself in the face of adversity will touch the hearts of all readers.

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This book is perfect for readers 10-14. While the book is not autobiographical, Bird had multiple learning disabilities that made school difficult for him. He also lived with his single, Native American mother and moved from apartment to apartment, and school to school. The author’s soul is in this book and it would be a great book discussion book about neuro-diverse people, poverty, and modern Native American life.

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