Publisher Weekly’s Best Books of 2019

Hard to believe we are coming up on the time of year where publishers, magazines, and organizations are posting their best books list. Most of what comes out before Christmas I consider the best of list….so far. With another month and a half to go, I believe there will be other books to add to this growing list.

The trouble with Best of Lists, especially for librarians, is the time to read all of the books. While I do try to catch up with new books in my down-time, between picture books, early readers, middle grade, teen, and my own pleasure reading, I simply cannot keep up.

The best of lists help me find books that I might have missed, so I can be sure to share these books with the parents who come in to our department looking for books.

Publisher’s Weekly recently published their recent lists. I was dismayed to see I had only read a few of the books on the list. How had I missed so many? However, my dismay didn’t last long, because it meant I had another list of great books to catch up on.

If you are interested in seeing the list, follow the link below.

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